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Year 3 - Home Learning Ideas

Weekly Home Learning Tasks


Each week we'll be setting some weekly activities children could complete at home. Click the links below to download them.


Week beginning Monday 13th July

Year 3 Home Learning Pack - Week 12

Little Beauty Powerpoint


Week beginning Monday 6th July

Year 3 Home Learning Pack - Week 11

Kindness Calendar
Mighty Muscles Activity


Week beginning Monday 29th June

Year 3 Home Learning Pack - Week 10

Australia Topic Powerpoint

Superhero Resource


Week beginning Monday 22nd June

Year 3 Home Learning Pack - Week 9


Week beginning Monday 15th June

Year 3 Home Learning Pack - Week 8

Year 3 Maths Resources - Week 8

Year 3 English Resources - Week 8

Year 3 Topic Resources

Australia Mountains Powerpoint              Wombat Story             Important People Worksheet


Week beginning Monday 8th June

Year 3 Home Learning Pack - Week 7

Year 3 Maths Resources - Week 7

Year 3 English Resources - Week 7

Year 3 Poetry Resources - Week 7


Week beginning Monday 1st June

Year 3 Home Learning Pack - Week 6

Year 3 Maths Resources - Week 6

Year 3 English Resources - Week 6

Year 3 Art Resources - Week 6


Week beginning Monday 18th May

Year 3 Home Learning Pack- Week 5

Year 3 Maths Resources - Week 5

Year 3 English Resources - Week 5


Week beginning Monday 11th May

Year 3 Home Learning Pack- Week 4

Year 3 Maths Resources - Week 4

Year 3 English Resources - Week 4


Week beginning Monday 4th May

Year 3 Home Learning Pack- Week 3

Year 3 Maths Resources - Week 3

Year 3 English Resources - Week 3


Week beginning Monday 27th April

Year 3 Home Learning Pack- Week 2

Year 3 Maths Resources - Week 2


Week beginning Monday 20th April

Year 3 Home Learning Pack - Week 1

Year 3 Maths Resources - Week 1

Year 3 Magic Box Poem - Week 1

Year 3 RE Activity - Week 1

Visit the Year 3 twitter page (@hamiltonacady3) where you may also find updates from class teachers or projects you could work on at home. You don't need to be signed up to twitter, you can just click here to have a look.


The teachers are keen to see any work you have produced. Please scan or photograph it, or save it and send it in to  year3@hamiltonacademy.org.uk


Click here to download a pack of activities you could work through with your child (and click here for the guidance and answers)


Click here to download a pack of practical activities you could carry out at home.


Download another great activity book to print and complete at home:
TTS Key Stage 2 Home Activity Booklet


Below you will find a list of other suggested activities for Reading, Writing, Maths and Mindfulness from your child's class teacher.