Hamilton Academy

Hamilton Acedemy


Hamilton Nursery is situated in a self-contained area within Hamilton Academy on the Priory Road site of the school. The unit has a ramped access, toilets (including an accessible toilet), washing facilities with shower, large indoor and outdoor learning areas and a kitchen, which all form an integral part of the unit.

As we are unable to have face to face visits this term,  due to current restrictions, please see the videos below for more information about our Nursery.


Hamilton Academy nursery offers a choice of three different sessions:

  •  Morning sessions 8.45am – 11.45am
    The children attend five morning sessions each week in term time
  •  Afternoon sessions 11:55am-3pm
    The children attend five afternoon sessions each week in term time
  •  All day sessions 8:45am-3pm
    (For those families entitled to 30 hours of funded childcare each week)
    The children attend five all day sessions each week in term time

Our Aim

At Hamilton Academy Nursery we have an environment in which children are safe, stimulated and challenged. We want children to have fun and experience enjoyment while they learn and discover. Through careful planning, organisation and assessment we aim to give each individual child the high standard of education and care that they deserve.

 We value our relationships with parents highly and are committed to working in partnership by sharing information, listening to you and fostering good communication.

Go to https://hamiltonacademy.org.uk/About-Us/Admissions/ for Nursery application and Open VIsit information.

Equal Opportunities

At Hamilton Nursery we respect the rights of all individuals to be valued equally. We are an inclusive nursery and welcome the attendance of any child. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that all children are valued and able to fulfil their potential.

We are also committed to creating an environment that reflects the multicultural society we live in by providing resources that are non-stereotypical and by offering bilingual translations when needed. We work to promote positive attitudes and self-image in all our children. We will continue to develop our awareness of these issue and we welcome contributions from parents.

If you have any questions about our Nursery, please email to office@hamiltonacademy.org.uk