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New edition of hmail, SN95, out today - 15 November 2019

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 Extreme Weather - procedure

Reminder of our closure procedures in case of severe weather:  should there be a need to contact parents in the event of hazardous weather, a text message will be sent to all who have registered their mobile numbers on ParentMail.  Details of school closure information will be on this website and be announced on the Bucks website:  www.buckscc.gov.uk

Any decision will be made as early as possible by the Headteacher and Chair of Governors. Please be assured that the school will only be closed as a last resort - the weather would have to be severe enough to prevent a majority of staff getting to school.

If you haven't registered to use ParentMail you are urged to do so.  On this website click the link 'For Parents' and choose 'ParentMail' then submit your details and a registration letter will be sent to you.