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Listen to members of staff read some of their favourite children's stories. Bookmark this page and check back regularly as we'll be adding more videos as the weeks go on.

Have you got a member of staff you'd like to read a story? They might need a little persuading so why not e-mail the year group and ask them nicely!

Click on the videos below to play and then on [  ] to view them full screen. 

Mrs Griffith reads:

Not now Bernard!



Mrs Ransley reads:

Jack and the flum flum tree




Mr Bryant reads:

How to be a lion



Mrs Saunders reads:

Goldilocks and just the one bear



Miss McDevitt reads:

There's a wocket in my pocket!



Miss Hynard reads:

Harry Potter & the
Philosopher's Stone (extract)


Miss Thompson reads:

Silly Billy



Mrs Dawson reads:





Miss Curley reads:

The Owl and the Pussy Cat



Mrs Meltonville reads:

Wilf the Cabin Boy

The Birthday Party


Mrs Ghosal reads:

The Twits (extract)




Miss Curley reads:

Arachne the Spinner



Mrs Richards reads:

Instructions (Neil Gaiman)




Mrs Bascombe reads:

We all went on safari




Mrs McVicker reads:

The Hobbit (extract)



Mrs Pavli reads:

A Magical Muddle



Mrs Hommel reads:

Little Red Riding Hood




Mrs Saunders reads:

Dinosaurs Love Underpants



Mrs Armaghan reads:

Harry Potter & the
Chamber of Secrets (extract)



Mrs Hynard reads:

A Forest




Mrs McVicker reads:

What it is



Mr Bryant reads:

Truckers (extract)




Miss Curley reads:

Sam Wu is not afraid of spiders


Click here for her chapter playlist

Mrs Saunders reads:

Goldilocks and just the one bear